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An exorcism:

You must command the demon to leave in the name of Jesus, and through the authority He has given by His sacrifice on the cross. Have no one present (or even in the home at all) that is not a true Christian so the demon cannot enter someone else. Make the command as specific as possible, and include when it should leave. I use descriptions such as "in the same moment I complete this statement" to show when I want it to leave. Be commanding and authoritative, but also show respect and do not insult or harass the demon, even Michael said "the Lord rebuke you, Satan" with politeness, yet he was firm and full of the Lord's authority. Show no weakness or doubt. Spend time in prayer and fasting the day before. Many exorcists fast for the entire day before, and spend much time in prayer. Do NOT ask the demon to prove itself or show its power. Do NOT engage it in any form of debate or argument, that is a common trick they use to distract you. Ignore what it says if it speaks - it may know exactly how to get to you, and you cannot let that happen. Make certain to remove and destroy any occult paraphernalia from the home, and make sure that the patient gives full consent and agrees to reject sin and embrace God. When you address the demon you may call it 'demon', 'devil', 'satan', 'evil spirit', or something similar, but you do not need to know it's name. Do not use icons, relics, salt, sage, or anything else. All that demons respond to is the authority of Jesus Christ. If after fasting and prayer you feel that you are not up to the task, attempt to find a local exorcist by contacting the Catholic church. A failed attempt can make matters worse. Also try to find the cause of the possession by interviewing the person, and have them say a prayer of repentance for the cause and of submission to Christ - sometimes that alone is enough to fix a problem if it is caught early enough.

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